Garage Foam Flooring with Yellow Borders
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Detailed Product Description

Non-toxic Garage Foam Flooring Set With Yellow Borders Foam Flooring is the only multi-purpose foam flooring that has been tested and received an ASTM F 963 07 Child Safe rating. It is also the only foam mat that has a UL 94 HBF Fire Retardant Safety rating. Our Foam Flooring is also Non-toxic, Latex Free, Lead Free, Allergen Free, Phthalate Free and Odor Free.

Dimension: 24" x 24" x .47"(12mm) (6-Pack)


    • Closed cell EVA
    • Includes 2 edges per tile
    • Each tile is 1/2" thick x 24"
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • These tiles interlock with our regular Eco-Soft tiles

    • Using soft EVA foam floor mats provide a fun, cushioned surface for your little one. Made of 12"X12" & 24"x24" interlocking foam pieces, the mats create a soft base for creative play, insulate your child from cold floors, and add a great contemporary look to any room.


Use multiple sets to cover larger areas
Safe, soft, durable and easy to wipe clean with soap and water
Easy to pack away when not in use
100% EVA Foam

Pre-schools Environmentally Friendly - Made from Recycled Materials Child Safe
Day Care Centers

Reversible - patented design allows use of both sides for 

aesthetic checkerboard design or for replacing damaged 

tile surfaces

(ASTM F 963-07)
Churches Child Safe Fire retardant
Basements Non Toxic - Lead Free/Latex Free (UL 94 Test Rating HBF)
Exercise Rooms Closed Cell High Density foam helps resist moisture Moisture Resistant
and Home Gyms Flexible and Extremely Durable Odorless
Kid's Play Areas Shock Absorbent Anti-slip
Laundry Rooms Acoustic and Thermal Insulation properties Anti-Fatigue
Garages and Workshops Protects surfaces from damage  

Easy to Clean - use mild soap and water. Test your 

vacuum prior tousing and adjust to its highest setting 

and Do Not use the power 

brush feature.

Construction Traffic Portable - easy to assemble and disassemble to transport.  
Anti-fatigue Areas Floating floor - no adhesives needed or recommended  
Trade Shows Anti-slip textured surface  

How many packs do I need?



Packs of 6 Tiles

Area Covered

1 Pack

2.23 M²

2 Packs

4.46 M²

3 Packs

6.69 M²

4 Packs

8.93 M²

5 Packs

11.16 M²

6 Packs

13.40 M²

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High Density Taekwondo Floor Mat:

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